Stop back soon for more info on Donuts!

I've been a working professional clown since 1986. I have been trained in Balloons, Clowning, Face Painting, Magic, and Temporary Tattoos both Glitter and Spray. I am also insured as a performer and I work for a school system so I have been background checked as well.

I have also won various awards as well for clowning!

My History:

I started with a love of balloons early on. I was in awe of Balloon Twisters and clowns when I was 12, I would watch them twist and try to remember the moves then go home and recreate them. This was before the internet, Youtube, even many books that are available today. I had to work to find the books so I could learn the various things that some twisted air can create.

This love of the clowns and balloons stayed with me when I started college in 1985. I was asked to fill in for a Clown/Twister that had cancelled on the programing board 1 week before a party. I was offered the job. I had only studied clowning on my own from the few books that were available at the local library. After that first job I was hooked! I needed to pay tuition so I turned to my love of Balloons. I read everything I could get my hands on. That Started my clown Journey.

I took my High School nickname as my new clown name and "Donuts" was born. I became a street performer in the summers, also taking small twisting jobs while I continued to learn new balloons.

I studied Theatre in college, so Face Painting and Performing were easy transitions in my journey. I then started taking classes in magic at the now closed "Four Jokers Magic Shop" where I bought most of the magic I still use today.